The Collective embarks upon their mission to transform the way in which clients access and receive mental health treatment.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – The Mental Health Collective, Orange County\’s premier intensive mental health treatment program, is pleased to formally announce their grand opening, today, January 21, 2019 in Newport Beach, CA. A celebration and fundraiser will take place on January 29th, 2019 from 4-7pm.

The Mental Health Collective was conceptualized, designed and constructed by psychologist, Anna McCarthy, PhD, psychiatrist, Monisha Vasa, D.O., and behavioral healthcare executive Ryan Franke, MBA. The boutique treatment program is comprised of Masters and Doctoral level clinicians, from diverse backgrounds, who bring to the organization their \’collective\’ knowledge and skills in treating complex mental health disorders. Each client will receive specialized care from a curated clinical team with expertise in treating their specific psychiatric condition.

The Collective\’s Immersion Treatment Program is designed for individuals suffering from mental health challenges that impact their ability to function in daily life. The program begins with an in depth psychological and psychiatric evaluation to ensure accurate diagnoses and in turn, a customized, effective treatment plan. The treatment focus is psychiatric stabilization, amelioration of psychological distress, social connection, functional recovery, mind + body wellness to create sustainable change in the way each individual thinks, feels, and lives.

Traditionally, mental health treatment has been based on a \’Medical Model\’ of care – mental illnesses are diagnosed, and symptoms are reduced with the appropriate medications and psychotherapy. At the Collective, equal priority is given to both symptom reduction AND improved quality of life which yields superior outcomes. According to The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately 1 in 5 Americans are affected by mental illness every year, and yet only 41% of those individuals receive any form of treatment. For the Americans that do receive treatment, 1 in 5 Americans still report having an unmet mental health need.

\”For far too long the lack of education, shame and stigma associated with mental illness has impacted access to care for many with treatable mental health issues. Our mission is to unite the efforts and expertise of our clinical community to provide targeted, effective psychiatric + psychological care to those suffering while devoting considerable resources towards the de-stigmatization of mental illness both locally and nationally.\” Ryan Franke, Co-Founder and CEO.

In combination with providing effective, evidence-based treatment to those with mental health challenges, The Collective believes it is their social responsibility to support and advance philanthropic mental health initiatives.  In so doing, The Collective has partnered with like-minded organizations to share ideas, raise funds and donate time and energy towards this effort.

The Collective\’s grand opening celebration and fundraiser will take place on January 29th, 2019, and is being held in partnership with Southern California based nonprofit, Bring Change To Mind. 100 percent of the event\’s proceeds will go directly towards the development and implementation of innovative programs designed to provide a safe place to connect and strengthen mental health awareness and recovery in local area high schools.

Chelsea Brigham
Clinical Outreach
The Mental Health Collective

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