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The Collective is a mental health treatment program staffed with seasoned clinicians utilizing diverse therapeutic modalities to diagnose and treat adults 18+ facing mental health challenges. Our team provides neurobiology-informed, outcome-driven, clinical care in a community-based setting where clients are supported and connected to safely navigate life’s challenges.

Small By Design
Built as a small client centered community, our clinicians have the time and focus to develop therapeutic alliances to ensure individualized care while maintaining an intimate and emotionally safe environment. Our small design focus results in trust, meaningful therapeutic work, optimal functioning, and long-term outcome success.
Functional Recovery

Beyond symptom reduction, we focus on Functional Recovery to allow for improved quality of life. Functional Recovery supports each client in reconnecting to their sense of meaning and purpose, finding joy, and pursuing value based living. We believe that this is how true sustainable healing is achieved.

The Mental Health Collective
Collective Team

Treatment is directed from highly experienced Doctoral and Masters level clinicians who work with each client in a fully integrated model. 

At The Collective, clients are thoughtfully matched with a primary clinician who specializes in treating their specific mental health challenges. 

Concurrently, the families of The Collective’s clients are provided with a clinical care team to coach and guide them through the experience of supporting their loved ones through the treatment process. 

Diagnostic Evaluation

Care begins with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of each client’s history, presenting symptoms, and personal goals to develop a rich treatment plan. 

Our treatment team then holds regular case consultation meetings specific to each client to ensure a complete, accurate diagnostic picture, gauge progress, make necessary treatment plan adjustments and communicate with the patient and their families to ensure alignment and transparency to drive the desired outcomes. 

Functional Recovery
Tailored Approach

Programming at The Collective is tailored to the individual client with no two clients having the same treatment plan or schedule.

Individualized clinical care is necessary to achieve successful outcomes as each client presents with unique life experience, symptoms, and underlying issues. 


The way we think and feel is often affected by our environments and space.  As a result, we take great care in providing an atmosphere that is conducive to reflection and healing. This includes the colors, textures, amenities, and access present in all of our therapeutic and living spaces.

Spaciousness allows our clients to grow in their capacity to hold their challenges in new ways, while offering an opportunity for both community building and solo introspection.



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