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Integrated Programming to Support Neurodivergent Conditions at The Collective Treatment Programs

Introducing The Neurodivergent Collective

Research informed care for neurodiverse conditions such as Autism, ADHD, and Somatic Sensory Disorders have always been an integral part of the mission at The Mental Health Collective. We are thrilled to announce our program integration of cutting-edge interventions for neuro informed treatment of neurodiverse brains including psychological testing, Somatic therapy interventions, group therapy, and executive functioning coaching.  

“The field of neurodiversity is continuing to highlight the positive strengths these conditions can bring to the world. The staff at The Mental Health Collective always strives to stay on the front lines of neuro-informed interventions and understands the harms that therapy has done in the past with the attempts to fit everyone into a neuro-typical paradigm” states Dr. Kristen Zaleski, Clinical Director of The Collective.

The Mental Health Collective is now trained in Stephen Porges Polyvagal Theory, the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP). The cutting edge intervention directly stimulates the acoustic vagus nerve to downregulate auditory sensitivities which often affect clients with neurodiverse conditions. Additionally, The Collective has two neurofeedback protocols, one using alpha theta waves and the other using amygdala fingerprint technology, where the client’s ADHD and excitatory responses, often paired with anxious conditions, can be regulated to more comfortable states.  

In addition to the SSP protocol and neurofeedback program, Dr. Nicole Lightman, Ph.D., an expert in the diagnosis of neurodiverse conditions, provides psychological testing. Dr. Lightman comes to The Collective via the public school system of California where she continues the work today. Dr. Lightman uses evidence based psychological assessment measures that identify neurodiverse conditions and incorporates families into the assessment process to capture early childhood and pre-birth conditions to ensure an accurate and thorough assessment process. For long-term success, The Collective utilizes executive functioning coaches and step-down programming to include vocational training and educational assistance. As well as, clinical staff who are a part of the neurodivergent community and highly trained in culturally appropriate interventions.


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