Manifest Anything

What goes around comes around? 

We’ve all heard the saying, but beyond the old adage lies a truly empowering lesson in the realm of human psychology. The Mental Health Collective’s Co-Founder and Clinical Advisor, Dr. Monish Vasa, speaks to this ‘manifestation’ phenomenon and posits that “Manifestation is the ability to bring our deepest wishes to reality, whether those wishes involve a pay raise, finding the love of your life or your dream vacation.”

The concept is bolstered by a belief that we have conscious control over our lives and experiences in the world. Dr. Vasa identifies these steps in the process of manifesting: manifestation = intention + belief + effort. She says, “In order to manifest, we must first become clear on what our true intentions for ourselves are, then believe that we are capable and worthy, and finally, apply sincere and consistent effort towards making those wishes come true. Along the way, recognizing our progress, visualizing the existence of the end goal, and creating a community around ourselves, can also support our ability to manifest.”

While you’re bound to fall back into those old ways of thinking every once in a while, it’s important to remember your own humanity and your power in overcoming road-blocking thoughts and interferences. Like Mister Rogers so aptly put it, “Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable.” Practice and persistence are key in mastering this thought pattern, which is why it’s important to transform those perceived breakdowns into actionable breakthroughs, guiding you back to your path of manifestation. Use that energy to launch yourself into being rather than sitting on the sidelines yearning for an outcome. Action is the overarching theme here!

Dr. Vasa insightfully shares, “Of course, the playing field is not always equal, and many of us don’t begin the process of manifestation with equal resources available to us. So along the way, while we work towards realizing our own visions, it is critically important to do our part to level that field, lifting others up as we go, so that all end goals are ultimately manifest-able to those who seek them.”

Written by: S. Mishkin

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