Stress remains a significant contributor to mental health problems worldwide in 2023, with millions of individuals suffering from its negative effects on a daily basis. Despite increased awareness and efforts to address the issue, the fast-paced and demanding nature of modern life continues to put individuals at risk for chronic stress and related mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. 

Dr. Kristen Zaleski, Clinical Director of The Mental Health Collective, sat down to discuss her views on stress. She started by stating, “Stress for a human is good and bad.” Click into Dr. Zaleski’s interview above to hear the full conversation or read her latest post ‘SEVEN TIPS TO TREAT STRESS + BURNOUT’ to learn more.
Seven Tips to Treat Stress + Burnout


Kristen Zaleski, PhD, LCSW is a nationally-recognized author, researcher, and psychotherapist on trauma related disorders and an expert on sexual trauma within both civilian and military culture. Dr Zaleski is the author of two books, multiple research articles, and is a consultant and trainer on trauma disorders and survivorship to entities such as Facebook and the U.S. Department of Defense. Dr. Zaleski came to the Mental Health Collective after a decade-long tenure at University of Southern California as Clinical Associate Professor for the Suzanne Dworak Peck School of Social Work. Dr. Zaleski continues to be affiliated with USC as an adjunct professor and Founding Director of the USC Keck Human Rights Clinic which is a pro-bono organization offering forensic evaluations for survivors of international human rights abuse.

Sittings on the board of two Orange County non-profits- Center for Law and Military Policy and HOPE 365- Dr. Zaleski advocates for survivors of human trafficking, sexual violence, and forced marriage around the world and within the United States military. She also consults with television production companies on how to represent mental health realistically on their programs.

Dr. Zaleski has specific training on neurobiology and modern day attachment theory. Her area of expertise centers around somatic and body-based treatments to heal trauma holistically. She has previously worked at UCLA Rape Treatment Center, Veterans Administration Healthcare Center in Long Beach, and Las Encinas Psychiatric Hospital. She also has a private practice based in Hermosa Beach, CA.


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