Anxiety in 2020

Diagnosing Anxiety 2020 has been a challenging year for mental health, filled with unknowns and anxiety-inducing events. From COVID-19 and its inherent health risks to the isolation imposed by quarantine and social distancing, we can all agree that a certain amount of anxiety is appropriate. That said, with the reopening of the country and thus […]

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US Workplace Burnout Causing Anxiety and Depression

Maintaining mental health at the workplace more than chasing away a bad case of the “Mondays”. The average American spends roughly one-third of their life at work, and although nearly every employee can identify with the standard weekday morning blues and dragging feet, negative work environments can lead to more significant mental health issues or

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World Bipolar Day

Are you, or someone you know, affected by Bipolar Disorder? A survey by the World Health Organization states that Bipolar Disorder is the 6th leading case of disability in the world with nearly 6 million Americans affected. March 30th marks World Bipolar Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness and erasing the stigma surrounding this

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