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The WHO Recognizes Gaming Dependency as a Disorder

The popularity of online games has steadily grown in recent years, and shows no signs of stopping. According to a study released by Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, roughly 67% of Americans, or a staggering 211 million people, play video games including smartphone games, computer games and massive multiplayer online role playing games such as …

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World Bipolar Day

Are you, or someone you know, affected by Bipolar Disorder? A survey by the World Health Organization states that Bipolar Disorder is the 6th leading case of disability in the world with nearly 6 million Americans affected. March 30th marks World Bipolar Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness and erasing the stigma surrounding this …

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Traditionally, mental health treatment has been rooted in the diagnosis and management of symptoms with medications and psychotherapy. Here at The Mental Health Collective, we understand that recovery from mental illness doesn’t simply include symptom reduction – it also includes finding long-lasting fulfillment, purpose and joy in broader social contexts. “Functional Recovery”, is an integrative …


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