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What is EMDR Dr. Huang?

Dr. John Huang of The Mental Health Collective shares his clinical perspective on EMDR in a recent interview. What is EMDR? EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing and it can be especially helpful when the brain has been overstressed. At times the brain can become overstimulated:  sights, sounds, smells, emotions can be so intense …

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Personalizing PTSD Treatment

How do I know which PTSD treatment modality is right for me? There are a number of empirically supported treatments for trauma.  Prolonged Exposure, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and EMDR are all well researched. It is an important question– “Which treatment is best for which person?” There are a lot of factors to consider. …

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Supportive Living By The Mental Health Collective

Our supportive living spaces are located within a block of the ocean and calm bay waters. Clients are treated with professional, around the clock care and monitoring.  Transportation is offered between our Immersion Treatment homes, Individualized Intensive Day Program facility, and recreational activities. Trauma Programs Functional Recovery DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION? Send our team …

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The WHO Recognizes Gaming Dependency as a Disorder

The popularity of online games has steadily grown in recent years, and shows no signs of stopping. According to a study released by Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, roughly 67% of Americans, or a staggering 211 million people, play video games including smartphone games, computer games and massive multiplayer online role playing games such as …

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